What most people don’t know about me 

My own healing journey is my expertise.

I have been given the gift of dying. In a near-death experience following a severe accident I went into the light, met my grandfather and then returned into my body. 
Never have I felt more at home and at peace. I have met god. 
My fear of death and dying is gone. 


I grew up in a society where outer achievements, looks and adequate behaviour were more important than the real inner world of a young human being.

I have become excellent at reading people and situations and adopting to how I believed I needed to be in order to be seen. And loved.
Like so many men, I have adopted the tendency to keep up a facade no matter how difficult or painful times were. 
I learned to avoid my real emotions and instead resort to overthinking, doing, traveling, partying, achieving.

When two of my best friends, brothers for more than 20 years, each died of cancer, coincidentally within the very same week, I couldn’t keep it up anymore.
I feel into a very deep dark hole of long suppressed sadness and pain - and found myself deeply depressed. 

That was the moment when I did what today I encourage everyone to do: 
I stopped running and escaping, turned around and finally faced my shadows. I did the work.

Once I took responsibility for myself and my emotions, everything changed.  
The seeking came to an end and finally I could start bringing my real gift into the world.
From pain to purpose.

So, my story, my real success, is having faced death and surviving incredibly tough challenges in life.
And I came out happier, stronger, more grounded, peaceful and on purpose than I could ever have imagined. 

This is why today I can support you in doing the same and hold space powerfully for people facing enormous stress and healing their deepest fears.
I promise to take you through whatever it might be, that holds you back from fully expressing your truest nature and joy of life.
This is why I am here.

What most people know about me 

I moved to China after dropping out of college at the age of 20, lived there for 3 years and learned to speak Mandarin fluently.
After that, I became a professional film and theatre actor in Vienna.

As much fun as acting is, however, it didn't fulfill my desire to support people powerfully in creating the life and future of their dreams.

So I got a ton of high quality certifications and on-the-ground experience and started to work in the Berlin tech startup scene.
I coached companies in sales, negotiation and impactful performance on the business stage. 

Today, with my NeuroBalancing method, I help high-achieving visionaries to transform their personal challenges on a cellular level. For good.
Like that they become free to express with confidence, purpose and clarity who they really want to be as a leader and entrepreneur.

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Psychedelic Therapy & Integration

Vital Psychedelics Today

2022 - 2023

Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist according to Peter Levine
Polarity Center for Inner Ecology, Zurich

2020 - 2023

Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing
Naou Institute, Berlin


Business Trainer
TAM Academy, Berlin


Systemic Coaching, Counseling, & Organizational Development
Artop Institute at the Humboldt University, Berlin

2016 - 2017

Diploma in Performing Arts
Schauspielschule Prof. Krauss, Vienna

2009 - 2012


Member of the American Psychedelic Medicine Association

2021 - now

further education on healing trauma
related to unavoidable attack, assault, sexual abuse.

2020 - now

several workshops and experiences in the field
of shamanic healing arts, psychedelic therapy and awareness work

2014 - now

unofficial training and assistance for psychedelic rituals

2014 - now

RECENT activities


1st Cohort of “The Consciousness Explorers Tribe”

My mission is to share experience, knowledge and awareness around
Trauma, Consciousness and the safe, therapeutic and ethical use of


Speaker at different events

I gave my first talks at festivals on the Psychedelic Revolution,
Consciousness and Substance-assisted Trauma Healing.


The Own Your Life Systm

I developed this coaching methodology around self-mastery,
emotional healing, inner awareness, and personal transformation.

2018 - 2020

The Yurt Gstaad, Switzerland

I started this project as a space for conscious gatherings, and to
rasie awareness about my long-term vision to building “sacred spaces for
human transformation & healing” in nature.

This was also where I met Rick Doblin.

2017 - now

Conscious Deals LLC

I founded this company in my capacity as Coach and Facilitator.
Initially, I was working more with business, teams and leaders.

Since 2020 I have focused all my activities on personal
transformation, trauma therapy and holistic coaching.

2016 - 2017

ResearchGate Ltd.

Head Coach / Training & Development Manager