What you resist persists

By Johannes Eisenburger

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Johannes Gann Eisenburger

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My mission is to make inner work and healing popular.

Too long in my life have I wasted precious lifetime running away and hiding from that which was sad, angry, lost and scared within me.

I have escaped into travel, party, business, achieving, doing, moving from one city to the next, starting one thing after the other.  

With the result that I got more and more unhappy, the more I accomplished.

That painful feeling of having it all and feeling desperately unhappy.

We all do that one way or another.

And the longer we do it, the more pressure builds up inside.

Think about the word “de-pression” for a moment.

There will come a moment when it all comes out.

And you will inevitably crash, get sick and burn-out.

Or, worse even, live a whole life estranged from your true nature, constantly battling your inner shadows by hustling even more, trying to impress, cope, avoid.

I wish someone had taken me by my hand and showed me that, if I resist that which I do not want to feel, it will only grow in its force. And it will find its way out.

Just because I avoid looking at it, doesn’t mean it's not there.

I have learned that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, out there can fill the emptiness inside.

Only when I stopped running and chasing, when I turned around and faced the sad, lost, scared and lonely little boy within me, that which I was longing for finally started to show.

No spiritual-bypassing esoteric positive-thinking practice, and no material achievement can replace that which needs to be healed deep within for us to be able to become whole again and come home. Home to ourselves.

Only there can we feel truly, sustainably joyful, fulfilled and at peace with ourselves and the world around us.

Stop running away. Face it. Go Deep. Clean Up, once and for all.

I’ll be there with you.